McCay | Moeran | Tchaikovsky

Worlds combine in this uniquely programmed concert.

Contemporary American composer Dosia McKay’s “Unveiling” will envelop the audience in a wash of warm harmonies, evolving from one single note into rich complexity and returning to that first, single sound.

Cellist Anne Suda, daughter of the Symphony’s principal cellist, Carolyn Suda, will perform English composer E. J. Moeran’s “Cello Concerto.” Moeran has special significance to Dr. Polay as he was the subject of Bruce’s doctoral dissertation while at Arizona State University.

The concert closes with an iconic behemoth in the symphonic cannon: Tchakovsky’s “Symphony No. 5 in E minor.” The haunting opening and absolutely thrilling finale will keep listeners on the edge of their seats for the duration of the piece.


Bruce Polay

Anne Suda



Dosia McKay

E.J. Moeran

Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky


Cello Concerto

Symphony No. 5 E minor

Homeward Bound
Side by Side
East Meets West
On Our Way
Meeting in the Middle
First Chairs Forward
Keys in the Wind
Old Friends